Frequently Asked Questions


Can I register for all 3 races at once?

No. You must register with each race individually. Link to each website below and sign up!. 

GC Turkey Trot

SJS Run for Tomorrow's Hope

GC for A Cure

Must I complete the 5 Mile Turkey Trot to participate in the Race Series?

Yes. The 2019 Turkey Trot is the first leg of The Series. To qualify for the finisher medal, runners must complete the 2019 Turkey Trot, the 2020 Run for Tomorrow's Hope and the 2020 GC for the Cure.

Do Fun Runs qualify of the Race Series Medals?

No. You must run 5 Mile Turkey Trot, 5K Run for Tomorrow's Hope and 5K GC for the Cure to qualify for your Medal.

When will I get my medal?

Medals and shirts will be awarded after GC for a Cure during the post race festival at Garden City High School.

Do I have to be a Garden City Resident to participate in the Garden City Pineapple Race Series?

Absolutely not. Just love running here in Garden City, run your races and take home some hardware. 

Is the series scored? Are there series winners?

Nope. This is easy. Just complete the three races and receive your prizes. 

No scoring. Finish the races, and your a winner in our book!